Air filtration

Interior and exterior airs are polluted by particles, molecules and bio-contaminants.

Air change rates shown in the table below are for information purposes.

Air change rates shown in the table below are for information purposes.

Pressure drops represent the total pressure drop due to the various inevitable frictions suffered by the flowing air and are expressed in Pascals.

The pressure drops are directly…

The purpose of ventilation installations is to reduce to the lowest possible level the quantity of pollutants whose damaging effects on humans are recognized or suspected.


Buzzard: Small section nozzle delivering air at high speed.

MIE: Minimum ignition energy: minimum energy that must be supplied to the mixture in the form of a flame or spark to cause an explosion.

Rpr: Rate of pressure rise in a tank of a standard volume (in bar.m.s-1)

maxP: Maximum pressure

P.ELV: Professional Exposure Limit Values are specific to professional exposure to a chemical substance via air.

AEV: Average Exposure Value

TRV: Toxicological Reference Values, are useful in evaluating the risks associated with exposures to a given chemical substance by the oral (ingestion) or respiratory (inhalation) route.

IAGV: Indoor Air Quality Guideline Values are specific to the exposure of the general population to a given chemical substance present in the indoor air of buildings.

BLV/BRV: Biological Limit Values/Biological Reference Values

HACCP: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point