Aspiration des poussières de calcaire, de clinker, sable et silice cristalline dans les carrières, les cimenteries et les usines de fabrication de matériaux de construction

Where natural resources are exploited

The building materials industry includes quarries, cement works, glues, plaster, glass, insulation such as glass wool and rock wool, as well as various adhesives and paints. The extraction of minerals, crushing, grinding, screening and transport, alternative materials and the fuels and furnaces used to transform these materials generate aerosols throughout the process.

We find hygroscopic and/or abrasive dusts in all these processes, such as clinker, limestone, silica, gypsum, pozzolan, sand, sodium carbonate, or traces of hexavalent chromium, cobalt and nickel… The exposure of workers to these pollutants is regulated; in Europe the TLV for crystalline silica, such as cristobalite and tridymite is set at 0.05 mg/m3. The OEL for glass fibre is set at one fibre/cm3.

Occupational exposure to these pollutants, which are sometimes recognized as Carcinogenic, Mutagenic or Reprotoxic (CMR), can cause professional diseases such as silicosis, rhinitis, asthma, bronchitis or bronco-pulmonary cancer, eye diseases or eczemas…
The exposure of dust on the installations also leads to the premature degradation of equipment and control devices.

Solutions that meet industry requirements

WATTOHM takes into account the specificities of construction materials by designing and manufacturing robust, abrasion-resistant installations using thick steels, reinforcements in Creusabro or special steels and adapted filtration speeds which increase the life of the installations.
We offer solutions for enclosures, hooding and other suction devices when handling minerals on conveyors, bucket elevators, dust removal from screens, mills and crushers, mineral loading and unloading pits, furnace dust removal and calcine suction. These installations constitute Collective Protective Equipment for operators working in these environments.

We offer ventilation systems for electrical enclosures and rooms in order to protect them from the surrounding dust and to evacuate the calories…
Similarly, specific extractions generate significant workstation depressions. These depressions favor the entry of parasitic air and generate air currents which disturb the aspirations and certain processes. We offer ventilation systems to balance the aeraulic balance of the workstations, and to ensure the comfort of the operators in terms of temperature, humidity and air speed.

Une équipe dédiée avec le sens du service client

In compliance with environmental standards

We are involved in the dimensioning of suction and filtration devices in conformity with the INRS recommendations, in the respect of the clients’ specifications and current standards. Link to the ANSES website  http://http://www.officiel-prevention.com/formation/fiches-metier/detail_dossier_CHSCT.php?rub=89&ssrub=206&dossid=431

Our specialized team is familiar with the practices and rules of the industry and will be able to meet your specific requests “around the world.” WATTOHM has surrounded itself with partners trained and qualified to meet these needs.

Our team offers customized and personalized solutions in project format, with different milestones related to the process of reception of the installations.