Metallurgical plant at night. Steel factory with smokestacks. Steelworks, iron works. Heavy industry in Europe. Air pollution from smokestacks, ecology problems. Industrial landscape at dusk. Plant

Electronics, textiles and printing

Human activity, in various manufacturing processes, generates pollutants, emits vapors, odors or production waste.

The electronics industry generates fine dust and fumes during soldering operations, wave machines, part preparation, degreasing or gluing generates solvent vapors that must be extracted and filtered to protect operators.
The textile manufacturing process, during the passage of strips on rollers, textile preparation, hardening, tanning, causes constant aerosol emissions that pollute the working environment and can generate fire risks.

The paper printing industry generates waste from paper and cardboard production, dust and solvents from inks… The aeraulic of these workplaces must respect a certain number of temperatures and humidity criteria to allow the correct operating conditions.

Jewelries, art retorers, hairdressers and nail shop

Jewelers and watchmakers work with precious materials according to the same processes as the classic industry, from grinding, sanding, machining and other laser processes such as cutting, welding, embossing, additive manufacturing… All these processes generate dust, mist, chips or gases that are harmful to the respiratory system.

Artwork restoration requires many manual operations that generate minimal amounts of dust throughout the process, as well as vapors during paint retouching, cleaning…

The chemical risk also exists in hairdressers, exposed to fumes and vapors during dyeing preparations and smoothing operations, dyeing, coloring, etc.

In all these fields, WATTOHM offers customized solutions to prevent professional diseases, to safeguard working spaces and to protect the environment against air pollution.