Steel & metallurgy, major players in the industrial era

Metalworking in all its phases, in steelworks, foundries, forges, mechanical workstations, surface treatment (TTS) and paint shops, generates fumes, dust, oil mist from whole oils and emulsions, steel, cast iron, titanium, aluminum chips…

For example, the OEL for oil mist is set to 0.5 mg/m3, welds on STAINLESS STEEL generate Hexavalent Chromium aerosols (classified CMR) and gaseous pollutants such as NO (Nitrogen Monoxide) , NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide) , O3 (Ozone) from COCl2 (Phosgene) , Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) , or particulate pollutants such as iron, aluminum or manganese oxides… (Useful Doc: ED 6132 – Welding fumes)

Aluminum or Titanium dusts are classified as explosive…

The fumes from furnaces, presses and ovens produce fumes and hot gases that pollute the atmosphere and are sources of energy that can be collected and recycled…

Suction wall, inductor device or suction hood, receiving device on hot processes, dust removal by lime injection

Solutions that meet industry requirements

In metal working, WATTOHM adapts to the constraints and specificities of the sector by offering robust equipment, resistant to heat and abrasion, allowing to respect standards and recommendations such as rejection rates, acoustic and environmental constraints.

We offer solutions for dust extraction, filtration, dust removal from furnaces, crucibles, rolling mills, oil mist extraction and filtration on machining lathes, chip transport, dust removal from grinding wheels, back stand and sanding, acid or solvent vapor extraction from surface treatment tanks, surface preparation such as sanding, polishing or pickling…

New technologies such as lasers, during powder handling, cutting, welding, embossing or additive manufacturing operations generate nano smoke and fine dust that must be extracted, filtered and sometimes recycled.

Similarly, specific extractions generate significant workstation depressions. These depressions facilitate the entry of parasitic air and generate air currents that disturb the aspirations and certain processes. We offer ventilation systems to balance the aeraulic balance of the workshops, and to ensure the comfort of the operators in terms of temperature, humidity and air speed.

Oil mist extraction and filtration, pneumatic extraction and transport of machining chips in mechanical workshops, grinding wheel dust collector, backstand and sanding station

Solutions dedicated for heavy duty industry

We are involved in the dimensioning of suction and filtration devices in accordance with INRS recommendations, in compliance with the specifications of the clients and food standards. Our installations dedicated to metal working meet the requirements of the sector, in terms of abrasion, temperature resistance and productivity (5x8h…).

Our team is familiar with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) of the sector and will be able to meet the specific demands of the sector “worldwide.” WATTOHM has surrounded itself with partners trained and qualified to meet these needs.

Our team proposes solutions in project format, with different milestones related to the process of installation reception.