Why limit airborne contamination in nuclear power plants

Nuclear power, a regulated sector of activity

WATTOHM intervenes at 2 levels in the Basic Nuclear Installations cycle. The work undertaken during unit outages exposes workers to the same pollutants as the traditional industry (cutting concrete, sawing, removing insulation, sanding surrounding walls, etc.), with additional exposure to radiation. ASN has set the dose limit per operator at 5 mS / year and a collective dose at xx mS / year. 

At the end of the cycle, the BNIs are dismantled and deconstructed in accordance with government recommendations … WATTOHM intervenes in support of rank I workers to suck up dust, smoke, radioiodines, gases emitted during dismantling operations. For example, cutting metal elements using the plasma process generates a lot of harmful smoke for operators and their individual equipment. Dismantling concrete generates fine dust of silica, asbestos and larger, potentially contaminated blocks, which must be sucked up and trapped in “sealed drums”

Our mission, to protect people and their environments, from conventional and potentially contaminated pollutants, in compliance with the rules of the art, directives from different authorities, such as the Labor Directorate (DIRECCTE) or the National Safety Authority ( ASN).

When the handling and handling of waste creates a risk of exposure for operators, WATTOHM designs and offers ventilated suction tables, suction devices coupled to suction and filtration units.

Our solutions, from outage operations to dismantling

Adapted to construction sites in general, they are suitable for the specific constraints of confined environments.

Standard pre-filters or without consumables, spark arrester, Filters of different efficiencies, Last level of filtration (THE).

Dust collector, with automatic unclogging, negative pressure …

Airlock depression, with continuous control of depressions, by adequate instrumentation.

Local management of our equipment or remote of the man / machine interface, to distance operators from polluting sources.

Change of filter media, with “Bag In / Bag out” type procedure

All our equipment complies with classic (CE) and specific requirements (FME, ATEX, ALARA etc.)

Nuclear, a place for experts

We design, manufacture and install equipment, fixed or mobile, ventilation, filtration and dust removal in accordance with the recommendations of the INRS, ASN and in compliance with the specifications of the contractors.

Nuclear installations must comply with the ALARA principle (As Low As Reasonnable Acceptable). In this context, 3D digital simulation tools sometimes make it possible to determine the air speeds, the appropriate flows before the prototyping phase and to ensure a compliant result as soon as the installations are received in the factory.

Our know-how and our feedback, allow us, the relevant study of each project and the support of our customers and partners for the drafting or application of the specifications. Our systems take into account the constraints of construction sites, cramps, handling, as well as the ergonomics of workstations, by integrating respect for operators and their gestures.

WATTOHM has a team dedicated to nuclear applications. Our experts are trained in the habits, uses and language of the sector. We also train our field partners in ventilation techniques for confined spaces.