Human dimension and environmental dimension

Wattohm has always placed people at the heart of its concerns. The health and safety of operators is the primary stake of the company’s missions in all of its intervention sectors (nuclear, aeronautics & defense, food, chemistry, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, rubber & plastic, laboratory , packaging, metallurgy …)

More than ever, Wattohm extends this human dimension to its own environment and internally develops the concept of collaborative fulfillment (note specific to horizontal management).

Indeed, its leaders believe that to play the « game » of the business, it is necessary to build on its strengths, play the collaborative card to think, innovate, imagine complete solutions and make this circle of play become a circle virtuous in which everyone can express themselves and bring relevant ideas. (career link)

If benevolence is born performance , consciousness is born respect.

This is why, aware of the environmental issue , Wattohm does everything in its power to optimize the energy processes and is committed to limiting the negative impact of the activities of the on his environment.

Wattohm favors the short circuit by surrounding himself with specialized local partners. Thus, made in France and carbon footprint are favored.